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1. One who spends his/her entire day in chat rooms because he/she is socially inept and incapable of meeting people in the real world.
2. One who not only lives in chat rooms, but also knows various people online (that they've never actually met in person) on a first name basis.
3. Chat room dweller who incessantly makes use of lame insults or phrases when being verbally attacked online.
4. One who constantly talks tough in chat rooms but never actually follows through in his/her actions.
I was in a chat room on AOL and this net fag kept using incoherent insults like, "you're poking the lion and asking for trouble, boy." I was thinking, "wtf?"
by D-Flex May 21, 2004
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One who pirates a satellite signal by using an illegitimate subscriber card. The Satellite Dirtbag orders porn, Pay Per View and other expensive packages which are charged to someone elses account. This brand of dirtbag typically has an immense beer-belly and masturbates frequently to pornography of increasing abstractness. He is also totally oblivious to the fact that he is a dirtbag.
-Yo, i just got Playboy, Spice, and HotNet with my satellite cheater card!
-Dude, you're such a Satellite Dirtbag.
-Yeah man, you are.
-Oh, okay.
by D-Flex May 15, 2004
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1. the bitchin'hot spot for breakfast.
2. home of a retired NJ Devils D-man who wore the number 3
3. your mom
"... And I said, 'what about brekfast at Daneyko's?' She said 'I think I remember the film and as I recall I think we both kinda liked it.' So I said, 'I guess that's one thing we've got.'"
by D-Flex May 17, 2004
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