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A "handjob", generally in the morning before she's fully awake, where a girl strokes a man's balls while he beats the yogurt cannon. 10% of the effort, 100% of the recognition.
Yeah, I was trying for some morning sex, but Lori was groggy from last night. She just gave me a Boss Lady Handjob and we went and got bagels.
by Cupcake Republiq April 08, 2016
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To do something which is entirely assinine or otherwise pointless and yet oblivious to what just came out of the idea.
"Hey guys, I had a great idea. Why don't we make parachutes for buffalo so they can go skydiving... I think there's a market in it!"

"Damnit Jim, that's Jimtarded"
by Cupcake Republiq January 31, 2007
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