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Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Formed in 1875 to keep the law in the Yukon, and Northwest Territories. originally the North-West Mounted Police, until 1878 when they recieved a royal charter by HM the King, and became the Royal North West Mounted Police, then in 1879, the RCMP. The early recruiters looked for a tall man 6'3 or so, with excellent equestrian skills. This can today be seen in the famous 'Musical Ride' The original uniform of a Red Surge, blue breeches, and a stetson was normal attire until the 1980s when a more modernized police uniform was introduced, the red-surge is now only used for ceremonial purposes. The Mounted Police now serve as Canada's police force, both Federal, and for provinces which do not have their own police force, and still, although now in modern vehicles instead of horses, keep the law in the Northwest Territories.
RCMP-GRC- Gendarmerie Royale du Canada
by Cst. TWillis April 29, 2007
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Gendarmerie Royal du Canada
see RCMP or Mountie
Slow down eh!? it's the RCMP-GRC
by Cst. TWillis April 29, 2007
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