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Invented in Australia in 1965, it is the process of drinking large amounts of the worst alcoholic beverage known to mankind so thus it is also known as S@&#* or piss stain, it is extremely cheap being just $9 for 4ltrs or if your unlucky and live in adelaide you can get it for $5 or less if you bring your own (empty) sack.

for this reason it is extremely popular among scene kids and emos who frequent parks and gutters such as ttp in brisbane and sydney as a whole.

fun games to play whilst drinking goon, are wheel of goon and see who can skull the most without throwing up, It also makes a great (horrible) mixer oj and fanta in which it does the job of down grading the flavour and giving you horrible munchies (i suspect this is why alot of scene kids can be found outside or near a HJ's store or other food related outlets)

We Australians are of course extremely proud of this invention, rating it in our top ten of the greatest inventions of all time, it is also not available outside of australia
by Critically insane March 01, 2010

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Scum of the earth

I went there on a whim for a random fun time, stank like a pig on a bender, filthy, ugly and boring, nothing to do there, expensive to travel. and no body could understand what the f&@# i was saying...

Me: can you please tell me how to get to george street please?

attendant: durrgaldurrgaedurrgisft

Me: what?

Attendant: duuurgaa gurrrgaaa

Freind: sorry what??

random lady: he says its the street on your left

Me: oh ok ty

as the site encyclopeadiadramatica states the city of brisbane is better then sydney and that people who live there tend to be parasitic in nature
by Critically insane March 01, 2010

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