3 definitions by Cringle puffs

the DEFINITION of perfection. Her job is to leave us speechless and her beauty is beyond anything I’ve ever seen.
Nicole Scherzinger makes me happy
by Cringle puffs November 22, 2021
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tiktok is a disease it easily spreads throughout any school especially when all the E-boys and E-girls come to play.
I see so much kids in the hallway making videos it must be the tiktok disease.
by Cringle puffs November 14, 2019
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A person who just looks at themselves in a camera and sings to themselves because they have nothing better to do, besides it’s not like they will ever see themselves age.
I’m such a muser I have only been on it for like 50 years but somehow an effect stayed on where my hair turned white.
by Cringle puffs November 14, 2019
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