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Is known as triple zero Roulette wheel ,played at las Vegas Nevada, the triple zero features the order of the European or “french roulette” “single zero” with the sections of the Voisins wich are ,Zero ,2,3 / 4-7 /12-15/18-21/19-22/25-26-28-28/35/35 the orphelins (orphans) are 1/6-9/14-17-20/31/34.The tiers are 5-8/10-11/13-16/23-24/27-30/33-36 with the addition of double zero and triple zero considering the lower minimums the Europeans rednecks are delighted with their favorite passtime
Dealers remarks....“Look at that European redneck roulette player ,betting ,Voisins, tiers, and orphelins like a high Roller and stiffing gorgeous waitress Maria ...H ...what i can expect from this European redneck roulette player?” GET RID OF HIM!
by Crazyaldo.com September 23, 2019
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SEXOPOLITICS ; THEORIZES that has to be a policy by our conterpart in the MULTIVERSE and OMNIVERSE that regulates the social behaviors, interactions of the terrestrial beings and extraterrestrial beings pertaining sex activities conducts and morals to have a pleasurable cultural interchange,and avoid mistakes that the “Falling Angels” “Founders fathers” “annunakis” commit ,by spreading the extraterrestrial seed of love among the ORNERY DAUGHTERS OF MAN. AND due to the proximity of a NEW, OLD CONTACTEE that is hovering on top of the PENTAGON and KREMLIN as well, is telling us that we passed the 50 years quarantine and we are set to enter into a new paradigm and we want as humanity enter the “universe society “ “multiverse society” and omniverse society and be recognize as stellar being.
i would like to practice SEXOPOLITICS with that attractive ,bodacious, sexy extra terrestrial if We dont break any politics”
by Crazyaldo.com September 17, 2019
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He is trypping out! From tryptamine trip!
by Crazyaldo.com May 7, 2020
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