2 definitions by Crappywarrior

1) The act of doing everything in one's power to remain anorexically thin, using such methods as diuretics, excessive smoking, and eating no more than one meal a day.

2) To avoid working and instead marry a woman who earns three times more than you, for the goal of staying home and smoking excessively.

3) To constantly change one's goals, in an effort to confuse others.

4) A shiftless vagrant who constantly thinks up ways to steal your pants and sell them on ebay as pants worn by John Wayne.
1) The homeless Robear looked like he hadn't eaten in weeks.

2) Brenda married that Robear so she can wear the pants in the family.

3) Now he wants to be an electrical engineer? He's such a Robear.

4) It looks like I've been robbed blind by a Robear.
by Crappywarrior March 29, 2004
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1) Any pale faced, dark haired Oregonians that spend their free time reading up on the latest model assault rifle from their favorite retail gun producers

2) Someone who listens to hardcore so often, they think primal, animal grunts and roars is its own language.

3) A person who touts the qualities of his video game of choice, despite the fact that everyone he pleads with to play it has already passed judgement on the game.
1) Why is Steve reading up on the ak-74 again? He doesn't even own one! He's such a Patio Furniture.

2) I wish that patio Furniture would start talking in English instead of grunting at me. Ah crap, now he's biting my leg!

3) That damn Patio Furniture is going on about Everquest again, even though I already told him it's just a level treadmill.
by Crappywarrior March 29, 2004
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