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an awesome type of tropical fish to keep in your tank. most types will easily kill piranha and are really smart and agressive. A red devil cichlid or jack dempsy cichlid will easily tear apart a piranha. I own a few and feed them goldfish and my big jack dempsy will eat live mice.
cool hey. They only thing that can easily kill them is cold water. dont put your hand in the tank.
dude 1: whats that thing in your tank eating mice
dude 2: cichlidtropical fish
by Crapper June 19, 2006
1. Noun
During the commericals on 24, Jack Bauer quickly takes huge shits that are both extremly quick and extremly potent
2. Verb
To take a Jack Bauer Power Dump
When out in public and you have to take a dump really bad and have to use a public toilet but don't want to spend a lot of time on the seat so you force everything out really fast.
"Man, I just took a huge Jack Bauer Power Dump."
"Jack where have you been?" "Taking a Jack Bauer Power Dump."
by Crapper April 5, 2006