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Simply put, Hate Speech is just speech someone (usually the Censorer) doesn't like or disagrees with

Hate Speech is purely opinion-based. Opinions vary between people. Hate Speech is nothing more than an excuse to forcibly suppress an opposition

Whoever dictates what you can or cannot say and punishes you for speaking out of line, is called a "Totalitarian"
Where there is Weakness and Unintelligence, there will ALWAYS be the forcible suppression of opposition by any means necessary. Hate Speech is one of many means
by Cqllel January 6, 2023
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To 'Teach' is to guide someone in a direction in which they can realize the lesson for themselves, to think for oneself
We cannot make others know anything, we can only guide them into the right direction. To teach them

There is nothing more evident than the self realization of everything. Faith is Certainty. It cannot be disproven, only realized
by Cqllel April 18, 2023
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Homosexuality is an environmental factor, a Fetish. It's Artificial, it can only be taught. It's not instinct, it'll go extinct. It cannot exist because it cannot work. It's simply not what Nature intended. If you cannot reproduce and multiply, you die off in Natural Selection via bloodline suicide. We cannot exist without straight/normal. It's Natural Law

Even if it were possible to be 'Born Gay', it still won't change the fact that it's Abnormal, Unnatural, and cannot work. Invalidating the whole argument by default

It's naught but Lust. The source of Lust, is Pride: Arrogance, Ignorance, and then Intolerance
Homosexuality is a Fetish, an unnatural desire. It can only go extinct. It's not meant to be. It cannot exist without unnatural interference, forcibly suppressing their opposition. They cannot exist without Censorship
by Cqllel July 24, 2022
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The forcible suppression of opposition
Where there is Weakness and Unintelligence, there will ALWAYS be the forcible suppression of their opposition by any means necessary

Censorship is often disguised as noble deeds, but noble deeds they in fact have never been

If you or a loved one has experienced suppression in any form, you may be a victim to Totalitarianism. Side effects may include de-platforming, de-monetization, demonization, dehumanization, hate speech excuses, banning, account suspensions, harassment, or even assassination of any kind. Consult to your nearest firearm if you feel at risk to censorship by a Totalitarian to ensure your basic and human rights are not infringed. Batteries not included
by Cqllel January 6, 2023
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Pride is Arrogance, Ignorance, and then Intolerance

It's self glorification, egotism. Absolute narcissism. Pride is Supremacy. A bias, blind loyalty of one's own making. Self-centeredness. 100% Ego-Driven

To have Pride in oneself, or in others, is an act of pure selfishness. You do not 'give' Pride, you 'take' it. For yourself. The embellishment of the Ego

When we get insulted, shamed, humiliated, criticized, offended, rejected, etc, the ONLY thing that is taking damage, is the Pride of OUR own making. Our Egos. 100% self inflicted

Where there is weakness and unintelligence, there will ALWAYS be the forcible suppression of their opposition by any means necessary. When we create a bias, we create an opposition: a vulnerability. We become the imbalance. It's absolute self destruction

The definition of Psychopath, is Pride itself. Pride only brings out the worst in people. It's the sole source of ALL Unfit action. Every bad thing we've done to ourselves and/or others, stems ONLY from our own Pride

The true opposite to Pride (Selfishness), is Gratitude (Selflessness). There is absolutely no place in this world for Pride. Pride is the most pointless and meaningless thing to have
Pride: "The masses have never thirsted after Truth **(Arrogance).** They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them **(Ignorance).** Whoever can supply them with illusions, is easily their master. Whoever attempts to destroy their illusions, is always their victim **(Intolerance)"** -Gustave Le Bon

This is the only true definition of Pride. Basic Psychology and Philosophy

Pride is the embodiment of insecurity. From insecurity, comes fear. And from fear, rejection. Denial

We often create mental images of ourselves: our fantasies, our covets. Only to become afraid of who we truly are. The fear of rejection, the rejection of oneself. Absolute denial

Pride is true blindness in every sense

Dignity is an opposite to Pride. True acceptance does NOT come from Pride, but from Humility. The willpower to see yourself in a way that exposes your flaws, to adapt and overcome them. To see what you don't want to see, to listen to what you don't want to hear. To overcome the Ego and FACE YOURSELF. Your TRUE self, your shadow
by Cqllel January 3, 2023
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Pride, to put simply, is the absolute source of every negative psychological aspect of us. Quite literally, it's errything bad about us

Pride CANNOT actually be defined. It's impossible. It can only be described

I've attempted to define Pride before, or rather tried to explain it in a way you could piece it all together yourself. Bcuz that is the only possible way you can teach someone the meaning of Pride, thru self realization
There is no possible way to define Pride, you can only describe it

Do not mistake Pride with Gratitude. They are complete opposites
by Cqllel April 18, 2023
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The total control over the flow of information, dictating what can and cannot be said, known, thought, etc

Censorship, propaganda, manipulation, and often times the radicalization of the masses against (usually political) oppositions thru a constant stream of fear and hate mongering
Totalitarianism. This is simply how George Orwell put it, I believe

"If you do not think this way, then you are wrong. If you disagree with us, then you shall not be allowed to live to taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens" -Benito Mussoulini
by Cqllel January 6, 2023
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