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see Chalk
As there are many spellings to the word chaouk, due to its nuanced pronunciation: (CHA-OKE) <-- one syllable, it is necessary to recognize the various iterations of the same word we all love
Hey, Chaouk wanna go porch-sitting and drink some bloody mary's?
by Count Chalkula February 16, 2005
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a universal word derived from the actual word Chalk, but due to the Tennesseean origin, it's pronounced slightly different. Refers to the select population of trashy, flashy white kids in their late teens to mid to late 20's who prefer stupid, graphically enhanced honda products;

with disproportionately large wings, loud mufflers, and neon lights to illuminate the 2 inch radius of their (usually) speeding and weaving vehicle,
as their mode of transportation.

You can spot them in most mall food courts with their 13 year old girlfriends, pierced ears, and tribal or kanji symbol tattoos that they'll never understand the meaning of.
N: man, that kid is such a CHALK!!!

V: hey, buddy why don't you quit CHALKIN' and get the fuck away from my kindergardner with that roofie colada

adj: I never understood why you hated him until i realized how CHALKIE he was.

PN: hey, CHALK

ADV: he was driving quite CHALKILY
by Count Chalkula February 14, 2005
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