3 definitions by CosEmecArs

a guy who is addicted to any kind of wordle
"oh, daniel, u play again wordle??"
by CosEmecArs May 10, 2022
a really nice guy who learns machine engineering and wants to die from it. He HATES springs and screws. He loves his cats and loves cats in general. He doesn't get drunk easily. He could be a really cool guy if he would have finished Naruto Shippuden, but he doesn't want to. He loves Demon Slayer so he read the manga (doesnt spoil Gilat)
wow, Gad you didn't finish Naruto did you? cringe..
by CosEmecArs June 15, 2022
Arel can be good friend but he baits his friends in csgo when they play dust 2 and they are ct in A site, watching long
"again Arel, u bait me again? fuck you"
by CosEmecArs June 15, 2022