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adj - describing the actions of a person (usually a politician) that relates to an action that John F. Kennedy would've done. Positive term, as Kennedy was seen as a rather popular president.
John won the school election by exibiting his Kennedyesque actions of discussing why homework amounts should be lowered and helping the elderly with lawn work.
by Corn Flake October 31, 2006
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noun- one who is obsessed with their cell phone and seems to always talk on it.
My daughter is such a phonosexual. Last night she talked to her boyfriend for 200 minutes. Thanks for hogging up the Family Share Plan bee-otch!
by Corn Flake October 5, 2006
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some crappy television host that seems to represent 94% of ABC's program output. Hosts "Dancing with the Stars" and "America's Funniest Home Videos".
Jack: Did you see that crazy new reality show on ABC last night? It was crazy.
John: No. Who hosted it?
Jack: Tom Bergeron
John: Enough said.
by Corn Flake November 22, 2006
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noun - a large, complicated word, often containing several syllables. The words usually have a complicated meanings, but sometimes are just used in place of shorter words to make the speaker sound more intelligent.

Entymology: Apparently, way back in the days of the 1960s, a game show known as "Password" had a celebrity giving word association clues to a contestant in order for them to say a certain word. After winning the main game, the contestants moved on to the "Speed Round" in which contestants were give 30 seconds to guess 4 difficult words, each being worth $50 in value. The fourth word was usually long or difficult. Since if you got all of them right you got $200, that last one before winning became the "$200 word".
John: I was masticating my delectables while staring into my girlfriend's troubled face. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "Nothing". Even though I knew this was a fabrication, the look of versimilitude on her face told me otherwise.

Jack: Stop using those $200 words! You could of easily said you were eating dinner and your girlfriend was lying about something!
by Corn Flake December 5, 2006
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Noun- Building upon the dare series (Dare, Double Dare Triple-Dog-Dare) a Quadruple-Cat-Dare is the equivalent to 4x the amount of pressure of a regular dare.
John: I Quadruple-cat-dare you defecate on a plate and set it on the teacher's desk with a place card that says "Bon Appetit".
Jack: Deal!
by Corn Flake January 15, 2007
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A new game show that's going to be hosted by Penn from Penn and Teller. The premise of the game involves a person trying to match descriptions and occupations to somebody in group of 12 people solely based on looks. Top prize is $500,000 if you match all 12 successfully.
Penn: Welcome to Identity. Alright John, you'll win $250,000 if you can pick the person out of these three choices that is the crack whore!
by Corn Flake December 12, 2006
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noun - one of Borat's terms for sex. He pronounces it seck-see in-ter-corse.
Borat: When do I gain entry to her vagin?
Dating Specialist: Her what?
Borat: You know sexy intercourse?
Dating Specialist: Oh, you want to go to bed with her?
Borat: Yes! Sexy Time! (claps hands)
by Corn Flake October 22, 2006
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