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A bagel, donut or other similar baked product that has been used for sexual purposes by a male. Even ye olde loaf of bread can be made into an Aids Bagel.
Neptuneman675 : Dude, I just fucked a loaf of bread.
JhiroJihzo : Zomg, dude, stop fucking making aids bagels.
by CoreyNallis April 21, 2006
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A mistyping of "sleep" which clearly indicates you need some drrlp. Usually used in place of sleep.
Neptuneman674 : Dood, im gonna go drllp.
KhiroJihzo : what????
Neptuneman674 : sleep*
Neptuneman674 : dammit.
KhiroJihzo : Yup, you need dat.
by CoreyNallis April 22, 2006
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More of a penis than a pelvis. Elvis the pelvis is usually a reference to your penis while accompanied by hip motions likened to that of Elvis. Also can be used if you like to name your penis.
JhiroJhizo : Back in biology class in high school when on the topic of reproduction my teacher would always take time out to refer to Elvis the Pelvis, considering thats what most of the class was interested in anyhow.
Neptuneman674 : o.o
by CoreyNallis April 22, 2006
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