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A song that is unique to every individual - a song that speaks about your personality and makes you want to get your groove on. Yes, I said get your groove on. A particular theme song is one that makes the person feel amazing when it is played.
Andrea: My theme song is Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Pretty awesome, just like me.
Holly: Into the NIghtlife by Cyndi Lauper!!!!
by Cool Bushes Baked Beans January 27, 2009
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Lady Gaga, (real name Joanne), is the artist behind the famous "Just Dance" song. Along with her other songs, "Poker face" and "Beautiful Dirty Rich," her album released in 2008 has become a great success. Her songs are catchy, her bangs cool, her outfits fashionable and her makeup is to die for.

Although, if you view her music videos or google up her images - whether by her hands, money, masks or overly large sunglasses, her face is most often covered.
Some people might call Lady Gaga whorish, but that's her style and she rocks it and we love her for it :)
by Cool Bushes Baked Beans January 10, 2009
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