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30 minutes after a hot shower you start sweating violently, this is due to your body temperature increasing gradually after the shower and eventually sweat being produced to try and lower it
"I had a shower, and when I got out i realised i was late for school. So I rushed there and had to sit in maths having teh shower sweats!"
by ConradtheBrave October 20, 2007
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Sometimes misunderstood as "I know you've got sol". Taking the lyrics of the Simply Red song you utter this phrase when toasting or after opening a bottle of Sol mexican beer, generally whilst drunk.

1st Guy "I know you got..."
*raises opened bottle*
2nd Guy "...Sol!"
*clinks their open bottle with the raised bottle*


"I know you got Sol!"
*swigs from bottle*
by ConradtheBrave October 17, 2007
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When you can not be bothered to find porn so you knock one out whilst watching the US comedy '8 Simple Rules'
"Bridget is so fit, and when I couldn't be bothered to surf for porn I just eightsimplerulesed it!"
by ConradtheBrave October 17, 2007
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