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A word yelled when you see a chick with a nice ass. You yell this to inform your boys to look around. When this is heard you know there is a babe walking around and you must find her.
*Chick walks by wearing yoga pants*
Austin: "Holy fuck! Yahtzee!!"
The boys: "WHERE!! WHERE!??"
Austin: "Fahk it you guys missed it"
The boys: "Fahk you tell us next time!!"
by ConeMaster March 14, 2015
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A tall young gentlemen with some sweet flow. Well known as a hockey stud. Nicknamed "Sully" The women love him and they want to wear his sweet silk jersey to support him. Doesn't matter if he went out the night before a game, drank 6 beers and got laid by some babe he's still going out on the ice and going bar dizzy. After each game a lucky women gets to come home with sully and "spend the night" Sully likes to spread nutella on their booty so if you are one of the lucky ones that gets to spend the night bring nutella and a lot of it.

Sarah: "Did you sleep with sully after his hatty last night?"
Jamie: "You bet! That man is magical on and off the ice. I've never seen so much nutella before. You might of thought I was a black woman by how much nutella was on my ass. "
"Damn, the way I played at puck last night you might of thought I was a Sully"
by ConeMaster March 14, 2015
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Term used in basketball when a player hits a perfect swish, usually called out by another teammate or occasionally the douchebag that took the shot. After taking the shot you keep your hand in the same position it was in as the ball was released because the shot was just that perfect others playing want to see the form.

Juwan: *Hits perfect shot from 3*

Ben: "Thats what I'm talking about Keep it hangin'"
"Damn that shot was nice! Next time keep it hangin'!! "
by ConeMaster March 14, 2015
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