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A psychological diagnosis that entails having enough intellegence to survive, but no more.
Sandra: Did you hear John cut his own toes off last week whilst mowing the lawn with no shoes on? Only a few days before that he told me that he cooks his food directly on the hob with no saucepan to save washing up. He's such a fool.

Ed: You need to be more sensitive about this. John was actually diagnosed with MVID (minimum viable intelligence disorder)

Sandra: Oh my god! I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

Ed: Don't worry, neither does John, the guys a fucking moron.
by Compersious June 25, 2019
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Used to describe men who have had a very colorful and chequered sexual past but have already reached their sexual peak.

It's acknowledges their previous sexual character whilst simultaneously implying that it's over.
Jim: I am good friends with Greg but I am worried about leaving him alone with my girlfriend, he's a playa.

Chris: Don't worry, Greg used to be a playa, now he's him-a-laya.
by Compersious June 23, 2019
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A person who has a sexual fetish for balloon animals, sometimes involving popping said balloon animal.
Chris spent the entire morning engaged in acts of sexual congress with a balloon panda that he had constructed from a pack of balloons from the local dollar store. Chris is such a cheap bestilooner.
by Compersious September 20, 2018
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