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sorority version of incredible. Gives off the sense of being better than everyone, natch.
Colleen is so incred that she can get any guy she wants just with a lucille.
by Colleen O January 12, 2008
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a wink.
batting the eyelash.
inticing a sexref.

a Lucille is based off the greatest show ever: Arrested Development.

"Arrested Development: Spring Breakout (#2.17)" (2005)
Narrator: Lucille was suffering from a hangover-related headache and sought her medication. That's when she mistook the red eye alcohol warning for a winking-eye alcohol suggestion. But she had the good sense not to drive herself to the meeting.
Not only did this guy honk but he also Lucilled at me!
by Colleen O January 22, 2008
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