2 definitions by Cole Earnhart

In my opinion, the hardest working people at a football game. We practice as many days as we can make sure we do our best, our very best, get our marching show perfect during half-time. We also want play good and sound good so we can make our school proud to have such a great band and go to marching competions. I just want to point out that marching bands are NOT nerds and geeks who have nothing better to do, but regular students who enjoy playing in the band and marching.
Go Tuba Players!! We are the best in the Marching Band!
by Cole Earnhart November 20, 2006
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Well-educated meteorologists who drive around the central united states searching for tornadoes to learn more and more about them. Not some crazy oklahomens who drive in 4x4's and jabber on with each other thorugh CB radios, just like everyone besides Jo and Bill in Twister. Here's some good advice, don't go chasing tornadoes unless your prepared, or better yet, play it safe and don't go at all!
- Warren Faidley, The world's first professional storm chaser.
by Cole Earnhart November 05, 2006
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