2 definitions by Coach Klein

(n.) Former Democratic U.S. Senator (1986 to 2004) from South Dakota and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader who while holding the Minority Leader position lost reelection to first-time senator John Thune (R).

(n.) Any person who holds a position of seniority and/or power and is defeated or usurped by someone of substantially less power/influence.

(v.) To unseat a person of power as described above. (also 'daschle')
person 1: "I can't believe he got beat by that n00b! He's such a Tom Daschle."

person 2: "Yeah, he totally got daschled!"
by Coach Klein July 31, 2009
A theme from Star Wars so great and powerful that anyone who listens to it defecates instantly, similar to when the brown note is played, but for a different reason.
When Vader enters for the first time in Empire Strikes Back, the Imperial March causes me to instantly lose control of my bowels and completely soil myself.
by Coach Klein July 30, 2009