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(n) A Mispronunciation of bewildering stupidity
Bush's "nuclear" into "nukeler"

Bush: "We are a 'nukeler' power!"

Me: "Dubaya just made another uniral"
by CoTang January 29, 2006

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–verb (slang)
1. to be so overwhelmed with feeling for a pair of breasts that all other faults or failures attached to the aforementioned breasts are immediately overlooked and overshadowed. Defensive asshattery usually follows posthaste.

<listens to "I Kissed A Girl">
"well that song wasn't very special"

<watches music video> <---boobwashing occurs
"i wish that was my mom"
"that was so deep"
"i will defend her honor"
"its the experience that counts"
"that was a great song and boobs"
"we like lesbians"
"future wife im calling it now"
"goddesses don't age"
"dude we got boobwashed no we didn't that was an awesome video boobies"
"both in our brain at the same time"
"oh shit we've been boobwashed"
by CoTang July 10, 2008

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