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The contents of many of the discarded plastic drinks bottle containers to be found in the central reservation of all motorways and dual carriageways. No matter what the label says, be it Coke, 7up, Fanta, etc the contents will always be the same substance: a distinct brand - Trucker's slowly fermenting piss.
(Whilst in a traffic jam) "Jesus Christ, wold you look at the state of that central reservation. I've counted at least 18 bottles of Lorry Driver's Pop in the last 5 minutes!"

"Dinnae touch that ye daft wee fucker, cannae ye see that it's a stinking yellow boatel of Lorry Driver's Pop!"

Doug was comfortably driving along at a steady 56mph when he realised he was choking for a slash. "Nae boather," he thought, "I'll just brew up some Lorry Driver's Pop".
by CnP November 01, 2006

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