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N: 1)A used condom that is filled with, but not limited too, a woman's menstrual blood, blood from a newly ripped hymen, or a virgin male's asshole. Having a Bloody Sleeve is the equivalent to a shitty dick after anal sex. 2) The name for a male friend that refuses to stay out of places that you want him to stay out of for obvious reason. 3) A common response to being asked if your last partner was a virgin.
1) Pete: Dood, I was rippin' down on my bitch last night and i looked down and realized i had the worst bloody sleeve ever. It was so bad I just decided to blue ball myself.

Steve: Dude, that's weak as shit, you're such a pussy.
Pete: Nah dude, before i left i whipped out my newly bloodied dick and slapped her across the face with it, she had a sick nasty mushroom shaped cloud on her cheek.

2) Al: Man, what the fuck are we going to do about Pickles? He will not stay out of my fucking room when I'm trying to bang his sister.

Dan: I don't know but he has been acting like a major bloody sleeve lately.

3) Trey: Bro, did you just swipe another v-card?
Luke: You know it bro, that asshole was tighter then your mom's!
by CloroxCrazed December 03, 2010

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