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An amazing progressive rock song from the band Dream Theater off of their 6th studio album Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. The third song on the first disk at 9 min long (rather short for them), delivers experimental chord progressions with a wide range of pedal effects and a soft intro followed up with a distorted chorus and solo with a layered minor 3rds effect. The lyrical meaning matches the theme of the album with psychological disorders describing from the inside a figure who is surrounded by so many in their life (fans, followers), yet are misunderstood and are not actually superhuman as their followers believe. These popular figures (possilby describing John Petrucci himself) feel abandoned in their lives "knowing so many, never really knowing anyone". The time signatures are not as progressive as many of Dream Theater's songs, but do include a 5/4 measure in each chorus lengthening the phrase along with an solo/outro, containing a 3/4 measure shortening the phrase. Dream Theater is one of the greatest bands of all time and surely anyone who is not yet a fan should learn some quick music theory, then listen to their music and absorb the complexity and perfection written into their songs.
Punk: Dude, wat u listnin to?
Prog rocker: Misunderstood.
Punk: O, that mean ur emo or somethin?
Prog rocker: *rips out guitar and shreds a JP solo*
Punk: *face melts off*
by Clawfootdrew1515 December 13, 2008

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A contraction of "Sexy Continuum" in reference to a piece of music with a geniously composed and recorded use of a Haaken Continuum in the song. Side effects of listening to a truly Sexiuum section include exclaiming 'SEXY', feeling swept away by the brushing, connected timbre of the instrument, and requiring a "brb pants".
The only true section of Sexiuum in current existance is in Dream Theater's new song 'A Nightmare To Remember' off of their 10th studio album "Black Clouds & Silver Linings", occuring after the traded solo sections between Petrucci and Rudess, then reccuring even sexier after the last verse.
by clawfootdrew1515 April 26, 2009

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Analogous to a "Magnum Opus", it refers to an artist's greatest work or composition to date. The Fandnamis serves as the benchmark that best encompasses the artist's unique style and creative aspects.
The first Fandnamis ever created is from the progressive rock/metal band "Eye Of The Beholder". Written in 2006, it served to inspire many songs recorded on their first studio album 'The Eyes Have It'.
by clawfootdrew1515 April 26, 2009

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