3 definitions by Clamdiver4eva

A Pink Lip Clam is like a green or black lip but instead of living in the ocean they live between a woman's legs.
Missidentification commonly occurs when a hairy clam is trimmed. hairy clamvaginapussy
That chick just bent over and I saw her pink lip clam!
by Clamdiver4eva January 11, 2016
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When you pull out and blow on a chicks stomach, then go in for a big raspberry and blow bubbles everywhere.
The other day I surprised my woman with some raspberry bubbles... it tasted yum.
by Clamdiver4eva September 17, 2017
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To shit in a stocking then smack someone in the face with it
That boi just dissed me so I gave him a good shitocking.
by Clamdiver4eva September 17, 2017
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