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When a man inserts his meat into a woman's anal cavity unexpectedly. The man must be steadily spitting in her butt throuought intercourse for this to work properly. After he surprises her with his penis, she will most likely turn around in shock. As soon as he sees this, he must hit her in the head with a lamp and then rape her unconscious body. When she awakes she will be tied to a donkey on her way to Mexico.
Nick: dude, where is stephanie?
Jacob:I gave her a Mississippi shipwreck.

Nick:I hope she knows Spanish.
by Cjames_dog July 27, 2011

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When your deodorant unexpectedy blows up in your arm pit causing your arm to fly off. This is usually the result of a hilarious prank gone horribly wrong.
Tim:why is Ned in the hospital?
Joe:I placed a remotely activated micro bomb in his deodorant stick.

Tim:ah. The old explodorant gag. Funny yet extremely deadly.
by Cjames_dog July 24, 2011

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(n) when you are wiping with thin toilet paper, usually from the school, and you apply so much pressure to wipe that you slip and get poo all over you balls.
Guy:my gooch is crusty.

Guy1: why?
Guy: I pulled a stinky slipper.
by Cjames_dog September 07, 2011

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When you are playing black ops and you are too lazy to get up so you scavenge through your couch for some stale chips.
Heck ya! Attack dogs! This calls for some well deserved couch potato chips.
by Cjames_dog July 27, 2011

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(n) a soft core porno usually on max, with a clever name that sounds like a popular film but with a female body part embedded somewhere in the title.
Tim:have you seen the hills have eyes? That movie be hells the crazy.

John:no, but I have seen the pseudonympho version called the hills have thighs.
by Cjames_dog July 27, 2011

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The phrase you shout after you have had the first sip of chocolate milk and realize that you have just accomplished the perfect mill to chocolate ratio.
Shabadoo! This chocolate milk is the shiz.
by Cjames_dog July 29, 2011

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