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An annual summer tradition among male expatriates residing in Moscow, Russia. The event involves the consumption of one beer (0.5L) outside each of the stations on line #5 Koltsevaya (Кольцевая) of the Moskovsky metropoliten subway system. The Koltsevaya line performs a loop around the center of Moscow which allows the event to start and end at the same location. At each respective subway station, the beer may be consumed in a restaurant, bar or purchased at a kiosk and consumed on the street - but never more than 150 meters from the entrance to the respective station. Highlights of the run include conversations with inebriated homeless locals, avoiding eye contact with police officials, and heated debates over the appropriate locale for the post-run celebration. In order to be socially responsible during the event, participants very often volunteer to help tutor certain single females met along the way to improve their English language abilities.
The 2010 Circle Run occurring on 25 June 2010.
by Circle Hero June 25, 2010