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The Austrian Cheese Bath is a sneaky, lewd act pulled by room mates and general douche-bags.
One will remove the cap from another's body wash container, and ejaculate inside of it, where it shall lay unnoticed until the unsuspecting victim showers next.

If placed inside a shampoo bottle, (head and shoulders works best) it is known as Austrian Hair Gel

A particularly hairy man may experience yogurt flakes when engaging in an Austrian Cheese Bath.
"Hey kevin, did you have a good Austrian Cheese Bath?"
"I came in your body wash, you bathed in my spunk!"
"Youre a fuckin douche!"
"I know! Lets go make ravioli..."
by Chunk Knuckle February 27, 2010
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Yogurt Flakes occurs when ejaculate solidifies in the hair or body hair of a man or woman.
"eww sick man, got out of the hot tub at the gym and i was coated in yogurt flakes"
by chunk knuckle February 28, 2010
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The Filipino Work Boot is a lewd act involving the act of ejaculating into a shoe, slipper, or otherwise foot holding device. It is extremely hilarious, and should be performed at least three times a week for good measure.
"Man, Tim was pissed when he put on his moccasins and found out I had given him a Filipino Work Boot"

"Wow, you are awesome and not fat at all!"
by Chunk Knuckle February 27, 2010
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