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A conference in Kalamazoo Michigan for all high school students willing, in the Midwest, to participate in a model UN forum (representing countries as if though in the UN)


When a man with an excessive amount of chest hair, humps a girl in a Hotel room until she cums then makes a motion of personal privilege by hitting her in the face with your dick repeatedly


A conference where college graduate students, who are such liberal douches they only have apple computers, oversee a mock UN conference yet are on a complete power trip because these nerds (legal counsel) were such bitches in high school they feel they are endowed with power over the next generation of losers.

A beacon for all douches to meet together and discuss foreign policy as if though there opinion and decision matter.


Having sex with a girl by inserting your dick into her vagina and going in and out and while doing so asking her to say your name in proper form as posted on your credentials, then once she is exhausted (45 seconds) you force her to go back to her room because you need to rejoyce in the new found loss of your virginity.
Omg dude she just got MAMUNed by that Culver kid last night.

Joe: I am so pumped to go to MAMUN this week
Mark: Yea I hear there is a lot of hot liberal pussy.

Dude the legal counsel at MAMUN are douches but naive idiots only staying up until 2 am and for some reason get a big dick by power tripping against kids 3 years younger than them.

Shoot man when is MAMUN this year I want to get my parliamentary debate on in Michigan this year.
by Chucknoriss5000 February 26, 2010

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