1 definition by Chuck Jager

An omnipresent word with many meanings. Can be used in any sentence to describe any thing, place, or person. When used to describe a person it is usually in a derogatory manner. Used any other way it can mean just about anything you want. The term originated on Facebook from Jay Laloosh Dugan and was spread by his many followers of LALOOSH.
LALOOSH is always used in all capital letters with the one exception of when it is used as your middle name as all followers of LALOOSH must do.
John Rat Rathsam is the ultimate LALOOSH!

Man does he smell like LALOOSH.

The pizza was so hot I LALOOSHED the roof of my mouth.

I fell down and broke my LALOOSH.
by Chuck Jager April 27, 2010
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