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u use your boxers as a blindfold and put them over her eyes, then, you shove ur middle finger up her pooper and wipe the contents of ur finger in between her eyebrows to give her a unibrow, then u take out a jar of peanut butter and rub in on ur cock, then make the doggy lick it off, then u cum in a straight line on a plate and she snorts it like nose candy, then u slap her, put ur boxers back on and leave her. the end. (for best results,perform when baked/hammered)
Dylan: Last night was so crazy. I went back to her house,
Zach: Yea, did she have all the supplies for the famous Seattle Surprise?
Dylan: Yea, even the dog. I smacked her so hard, shes gonna have that handprint on her face for days!
by Chris1392 November 16, 2007
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