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The internet is a device made by man with the intention to enrich our lives and broaden our knowledge beyond previous realms of possibility by sharing information via a communication device.

Today it is used to look at pornography, bitch about films, share pirated anime via popular file-sharing sites and cause illiteracy and general retardation amongst youths.
Little Timmy: You know poppa, I think I might use the worlds largest data base of information to educate myself and learn to view my opinions with tolerance and validity so I can become a better member of society.
Poppa: Really?
Little Timmy: Fuck no! Now get outta my room so I can download German pr0n and stalk girls on MSN lulz!!!1 D4m I <3 the internet!
by Chris Rock mutha fucka May 07, 2007
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What I woulda called Sesame Street had the white man not stole my concept.
I was gonna call it N.W.P.! Niggers with puppets! Catchy, ain't it?
by Chris Rock mutha fucka May 07, 2007
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