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1. Cousin of the main character from the popular 1980's film, E.T.
2. Los Angeles Clippers guard who brought popularity to the Clippers in the 2005-2006 with his jaw dropping dunks and excellent ability to split team's defenses and dish it off to his teammates
1. Sam Cassell is E.T.'s cousin
2. Did you see that, he totally cheated with his alien powers to dunk like that!
by Chris Browns May 27, 2006
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The amount of points Kobe Bryant scored against the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006. The game was especially special because the Lakers were down by as much as 18 and they were looking dead. It was Kobe's desire to win that game that fueled the Lakers to run the court, grab rebounds, steal balls, etc. It is argued that this feat was even more incredible than Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game because Wilt Chamberlain was a 7 foot center laying the ball up from 2 feet against 5th graders guarding him. Kobe Bryant is a guard playing in the more competive game of today and was making fade-away jump shots. It is also argued that his 81 is greater than Michael Jordan's 63 which it was because Michael Jordan had 3 overtimes to score that much and he lost anyway.
Did you see the Kobe score 81 points last night?
Dude, 63>81 because I am mathematically challenged.
by Chris Browns May 27, 2006
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A team that overachieved with old, washed up players like Sam Cassell the alien, and Cuttino Mobley in the 2005-2006 season, quickly became regarded as the better team in Los Angeles. This is due to man's inner nature to jump on the bandwagon and only root for the team with the better record. (See also Detroit Pistons right after winning the 2004 championship) Coincidentaly, they only won 2 more games than the Los Angeles Lakers. They will probably overachieve again next year and the year after that, Sam Cassell and Cuttino Mobley will retire and the Clippers will be back where they started.
Dude the Clippers are sooooo good even though they were only 12 games above .500. Clippers 4 lyfe, Elton Brand is a monster!!!
by Chris Browns May 27, 2006
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Generic underground rapper whose music is characterized by monotone, talking and no flowing skills. He raps over horrible beats and uses rhymezone.com (a rhyming dictionary) to write his lyrics. Tries to be smart with stupid similes and metaphors but totally sucks ass. His fanbase consists of suburban white kids who overhype him on internet forums.

The theory on these suburban white kids is that they are trying to gain some sort of street cred by listening to underground rap music. Since the internet is dominated by rocker white kids who disregard rap as music, the rap-liking white kids use the argument that since his lyrics are so complex and abstract, that his music is good.

Known amongst hoes for the bang-bang
Known amongst foes for flow with no talking orangutangs
Only gin and Tang
Guzzled out a rusty tin can
Me and this mic is like yin and yang

Kevin totally MF Doomed that poem for english class!
by Chris Browns May 27, 2006
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