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The round-headed little boy who lives in a town full of points. From the animated film, & Nilson album, "The Point."
"You do have a point, Oblio! Everyone does."
by chompy March 01, 2005

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a program written by bram cohen. it allows users to distribute software/games/images/movies etc. in such a way that, once you begin downloading, you upload what you have to other peers. this way the download can be faster. it has proven a popular distribution method for fansubs and legitimate softwae, as it doesn't jam servers and drain bandwidth of sites, so they can host torrents without worry.
there are many clients out there, the first being bi torrent by bram cohen, but others prove popular including bit tornado, and more graphically pleasing ones like azureus, bit comet, bitspirit and ABC.
by Chompy January 07, 2005

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A word who difine people with good things- beautiful, smart, and sexim beyoter.

kushi: "absoulutly."
by ChOmPy March 26, 2005

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