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A smart, young, beautiful, intelligent young girl. She can outtake anyone, without trying! She knows the answer to anything, and has all the boys flirting with her! She's sporty, and can do anything her friends can. She has a creative mindset and thinks outside the box. Most of the time, she loves eating chocolate! She's an independent girl who doesn't need anyone to back her up. She has the luckiest and cutest boyfriend in the world! She doesn't need anyone to get her down, because she will persevere and keep on trying until she gets her job/task/fight as good as some shiny new gold! <3
You: Hey, whose that chick?
Friend: Oh, that's Antonia, she's smoking hot!

You: I heard she knows almost everything there is to know!
by Chocolate Luver November 03, 2018

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