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a woman who pimps the men
check out that lady pimp w/ those guys
by ChiChi May 24, 2003
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a woman who pimps the main men
Check out that tght lady pimp rockinthose guys.
by ChiChi May 23, 2003
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A mess of Borde. (Borde being a country found off East Africa by me last Wednesday.)
The "n" in bordemness has no meaning, its only there to be fashionable.
by ChiChi February 16, 2004
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Popular short form of a host of names beginning 'Chi-' often originating from South East Nigeria and some Spanish speaking countries.
Chichi Peralta, award winning songwriter/percussionist;
Chi-chi Ekweozor, girl guitarist, singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist;
professional golfer Juan "Chi Chi" Rodriguez;
by chichi January 20, 2005
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whoop ass
God damn! WE whipped the shaboodles out of them...
by Chichi September 18, 2003
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Cool nickname for anyone who has the name chi. Someone who is majorly off the heezy fo shizzle
-hey mr levine! - hey chi-dawwg.. your presentation in class about CLOUDS WAS TRULY COOL!!"
-thanks dude!
by chichi October 16, 2003
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1. Definition unknown

2. A word Rikki created and won't tell the rest of the word the meaning
Hey, you are such a chichibug!!
by chichi January 30, 2004
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