A mess of Borde. (Borde being a country found off East Africa by me last Wednesday.)
The "n" in bordemness has no meaning, its only there to be fashionable.
by ChiChi February 16, 2004
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said in utter bordem: ill go check out urbandictionary.com while i facbook...
by Lousiffer February 4, 2010
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Severe cases of Bordemitis can but is not limited to headaches caused by involuntary head banging against desk/wall, long time periods of staring at nothing, and or random scribbling that you cannot explain.
Shaina has a severe case of Bordemitis
by SeenThree November 16, 2010
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The act of sending emails from a blackberry when bored in a meeting, these emails would not normaly be sent unless the sender needs to waste time.
I could tell that my boss is in a meeting suffering from Blackberry Bordem because he just forwarded me four emails to point out what scorecards I'm red on.
by Clamhand August 31, 2009
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