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Occurs during to the seemingly FOREVER period of time between running out of ADD meds and becoming eligible to refill. In most cases, said person becomes unable to function in any sort of productive or sensible way. Withdrawal symptoms include but aren’t limited to; complete loss of ability to focus,
Nan: Oh my god, dude. I have total mud brain! Can't refill for 6 days!
Bert: I know, right?
Nan: I’m gonna go outside and drag my face on the concrete
Bert: Chewbacca does not live on Endor
by ChellChell September 9, 2010
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A name given to the girl who is told to fetch water for those who are far too lazy to do it themselves or by those with an inflated sense of value and self-worth.
Hey, water bitch, I know I am right next to the fridge, but I want these people I am with to think I’m a big shot so bring us some waters. K, thanks.
by ChellChell September 9, 2010
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A fat, but flat chested girl who creates the illusion of having tits by pulling the fat from her back, and then stuffing it into a push-up bra.
Monte: Check out her tits!
Rick: Naw man, those are fat tarts.
Monte: Snarf.
Rick: Ruh Roh.
by ChellChell September 8, 2010
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