4 definitions by CheesEBaLlS

Aspen is my dog and she’s fucking adorable
“Is that aspen, your dog?”
“She’s fucking adorable!”
by CheesEBaLlS December 15, 2019
Is a cunt. The type of cunt that is friends with other cunts, like Jeren
“Hey look, is that mason?”
“Yeah, he’s a cunt!”

“Is Jeren with him?”
“Yeah, those cunts!”
by CheesEBaLlS December 15, 2019
a sexual fasination with food
"American pie" the apple pie fucker, ex: waffle me off
*guy wacking off with pancakes and syrup* Dude, that guys into cuisineality! What a fag!!! If you like screwing food, your into cuisineality.
by CheesEBaLlS December 14, 2006
Extremely fucking cute you just can’t fucking..you just can’t.

I just can’t..”
by CheesEBaLlS December 15, 2019