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Bin Night is used in three contexts.

1. When proud Trashbags are getting their skank on and having a night on the town.

2. When you have acted in such a trashy manner that defies a regular nights boundaries of debauchery.

3. When some one has pissed you off enough that you will entirely dispose of them.
it must be Bin Night,,, because it's time to take out the trash
by Charlielove777 <3 June 05, 2011

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Gash Mole is a derogatory word use to define sluts (for the female) or dickheads (for the male).

For the female, it is when you see a girl that is so obviously a slut that you want to yell out 'show us your Gash you Mole" but instead you just use the less offensive, shortened warcry "Gashmole!"

For the male, it is when your friend is being such a pussy in certain situations that their head transforms into a giant vagina, you are forced to say "Gashmole!".
youve become the worst kind of Gash Mole
by CharlieLove777 <3 June 05, 2011

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to describe when any person, group of people, thing or situation would make you rather take a cheese grater to your own face than deal with what is in front of you.
"I went on this date with a dude who kept talking about his mother, total Cheese Grater To This Face Time" - sally

"how was sex with steve?" - lucy
"total cheese grater to the face time!" - Jane
by Charlielove777 <3 June 05, 2011

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