4 definitions by Charlie Foxtrott

When a guy gets a rim job and a hand job at the same time from one person. Looks like the giver is playing a trombone...with a 'rusty', brown mouthpiece.
Carol introduced Bob to the rusty trombone when she stuck her tounge in his ass and tugged on his cock.
by Charlie Foxtrott September 11, 2009
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An extension on the rusty trombone where a man recieves analingus (ie. a rusty trombone) and a blow job (ie. playing the horn).
Dude, I had two sluts up in the bedroom and they were totally playing in the brass band. Vanessa was blowing my horn, when Melissa started tounging my cornhole.
by Charlie Foxtrott September 09, 2009
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Where the pubic hair around the genitals has been fully removed by shaving or waxing. Used as an extension on carpet matches the drapes when there is no carpet by which to assess if the drapes match.
Daniel: Was that chick you bonked a real blond?
Adam: Dunno, I went down on her but she had floor boards, so I can't tell if the carpet matched the drapes.
by Charlie Foxtrott September 09, 2009
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When a man simultaneously receives a blow job and a rim job.
Sara was giving me a rusty trombone when Tegan started to suck me off turning it into a full brass band.
by Charlie Foxtrott December 18, 2008
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