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Acronym for Better Business Bureau, an organized crime syndicate that poses as a government agency and non-profit to extort small to medium size businesses through defamation if their extortion fees are not paid.
"The family owned bakery filed for Chapter 11 after the owner, Emily Jones, failed to pay her protection money to the BBB, which gave her an F rating."

"John just received a call from the BBB, notifying him that if he did not pay his protection money, that his business would have problems."
by Charkes IV May 10, 2017
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Someone who repeatedly asks, 'can you', and you may or may not be insanely annoyed. In the consulting industry, cheap clients always ask 'can you' to get a quote but never follow through. Hence the term, Canyou
"Emily is such a damn Canyou, every minute she asks can you do this, or that!"
"The consultant punched the client in the mouth after a week of can you's without a single contract signed."
by Charkes IV May 10, 2017
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