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The aftermath of a night of playing sci-fi role playing game Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox or PC. This is usually the result of playing more than 4 hours at a time or playing until the sun rises. Symptoms include falling asleep at work or just being disoriented throughout the day. Can alter sleep patterns and cause slurred speech. If this pattern of late night gaming persists it could lead to altered perceptions of reality where you want to make decisions like Commander Shepherd or make constant references to the game in conversations with people who have no idea what you are talking about.
Example 1
Guy1: Hey man I tried to call you around 2pm why didn't you answer?
Guy2: Oh sorry I was suffering from Mass Effect effect and was still sleeping

Example 2
Guy1:Hey where were you last night?
Guy2:Oh sorry I was out with a friend you don't know
Guy1: (grabbing his shirt and slamming guy2 against the wall) Why don't you stop jerking me around and give me some answers
Guy2: Whoa relax "Commander Shepherd" I think you're suffering from the Mass Effect effect

Example 3
Guy1:Man my girlfriend thinks about sex more than most guys do, I swear she's part Asari!
Guy2:What the hell is an Asari?
Guy1:Or sorry man, I'm suffering from Mass Effect effect
by Changus Kahn February 02, 2010
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Any time you use the word "gay" to describe something you don't like. It is based on the tv edumercials staring Hillary Duff. The commercials are intended to stop this use of the word "gay" which is in itself a good cause, but the commercials are so ridiculous that they have become a joke on their own.
guy 1: Hey did you hear that Mr. Garcia is collecting our current events TODAY??? That's so gay!

guy 2: Hey man, Hillary Duff Would Not Approve
by Changus Kahn July 11, 2009
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Any commercial that tries to "educate" the public. Such at the "more you know" adds on NBC. Every now and then they are affective such as the Talk to Your Kids About Drugs commercials, but others are just an excuse for celebrities to get face time appearing to support a worthy cause.
guy 1: Hey man did you see the new Jimmy Falon "the more you know" add? I didn't know sex can lead to pregnancy.

guy2: Doesn't he have his own show now? Why is he still doing edumercials?
by Changus Kahn July 11, 2009
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This typically occurs when you leave yourself signed in to facebook/myspace on someone's computer and they change your status to something juvenille or ridiculously embarrassing. This can also happen from you leaving your iPhone or Blackberry some where with your facebook app accessible and your password saved. You can usually identify the culprit because they are the first to leave a comment or "like" your ridiculous status.
guy1: Hey man did you see Johnny's status? What's up with that?

guy2: Yeah man, but James commented on it 3 times in a row two seconds after it was posted so I figured he got status jacked. You know he always leaves his iPhone everywhere. Homeboy needs to put a password on that thing.
by Changus Kahn July 11, 2009
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(adj) referring to anything small. This reference usually occurs while hanging out with a group of people for an extended amount of time. Given enough time, someone in the group will probably sing the phrase "mini sirloin burgers" from the Jack in the Box commercial with the midgets and the infectious jingle. Subsequently it gets stuck in everyone's head and references to anything small become "mini sirloin"
petite girl: I can't hold all of these bags things at once!

big guy: Well hand them to me, I'm surprised you can hold on to anything with those mini sirloin hands.
by Changus Kahn July 11, 2009
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Also known as "Theo Voice." This is when someone uses (usually inadvertently) a low sultry voice during a serious moment that sounds like those Radio Dj's who take the overnight shifts. It comes from the Los Angeles based Adult Contemporary Station KOST 103, as well as the old famous Los Angeles R&B radio host "Theo" from 92.3 the Beat.
guy 1: Hey remember when we spontaneously drive to Huntington Beach that one night last summer. I really enjoyed that man

guy 2: Whoa whoa relax, you slipped into your Kost Voice for a minute there man
by Changus Kahn July 11, 2009
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