2 definitions by Celtic Swim '06-07

Sick nasty is used to describe a situation, person, or thing so disgusting and gross that it deserves to be called both sick and nasty. Sick nasty can be used in almost all context, I mean what isn't sick nasty?

(orgin the celtic swim '06-07 team)
Wow that shirt is really sick nasty. I just wanted to gouge my eyes out today when I saw Brett because he is so sick nasty. etc
by Celtic Swim '06-07 January 28, 2007
Can be short for definitely or definition. It can also be used to emphasize a word such as something is really cool or really not cool, etc.

(orgin well the celtic swim '06-07 team can take credit i guess)
Gouge Vomit Burn is the def. of sick nasty. (definition) That's def going to happen. (definitely) Are we going to have a dance party later? Yeah def!
by Celtic Swim '06-07 January 28, 2007