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Sick Nasty is not merely sick nor just nasty, it exceeds all expectations of awesomeness and creates its own arena of wild. Sick Nasty is pure awesome in its truest form.
Holy crap man that pie is SICK NASTY.
by Joshua Elliott Long March 14, 2007
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This word is to be used when no other word can be used to describe the cool factor, greatness, or overwhelming emotion of something. However, the something is neither sick, nor nasty. The combination of the words sick and nasty provide a higher connotation of coolness then even the words tight or wicked can provide. It is kind of ghetto.
Dude, your mom cooks some sick-nasty muffins.
That boy is wearing sick-nasty socks.
by Annie B October 30, 2005
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To be of ultimate awe and sweetness.
Godly and omniscient.
Way too cool for you.
Word used to relate all awesomeness in this planet and correlate it to Pyke.

Dude, your car is so sick nasty, I'd f**k it through the tail pipe.

One Dude-"Damn she is so fine gangsta."
Other Dude- "No man, she sick nasty!"

"Wow that goal was sick nasty!"
by Mike Pyke June 15, 2008
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So unbelievably awesome it can't be described. The phrase sicknasty is best used in the same sentence the words son and bro.
Oh, man that was sicknasty
by rockstar4 July 12, 2010
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the BEST! something that is better than everything else :
Joseph Phillip Page or Joey Page is sicknastyyy :
by Chelsee x3 January 11, 2008
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Used to describe something beyond cool. Made popular with the young teens by Disney star Joey Page.
"Dude that ride was so sicknasty"
by Lindsey Connor December 29, 2007
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