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This isn't a definition this is a blessing of good kahoot names:
Mike Hunt
Ben Dover
Nick Kerr
Mike Coxlong
Kimmy Hed
Dixie Normus
Mike Literus
Barry McKockiner
Jenna Tolls
Jenna Talia
Hugh Jass
Gabe Itch
Heywood Jablowme
Rae Piste
Hue G. Rection
Phil McKraken
Moe Lester

You're welcome
Kahoot Names
by Catsh!t June 23, 2019
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Used to define the people who are in your school's geography club. These people have no friends

Is my school not the only school that has this? Isn't it the most pointless and boring club you've ever heard of? Stop rejecting my definition!!!!
by Catsh!t June 24, 2019
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Come mank
Someone have a mank
Where we manking?
It's mank szn
by Catsh!t June 23, 2019
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