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To procrastinate, with masturbation, often to avoid schoolwork.

Active: procrastinbation/procrastibating
Noun: procrastibator
Past tense: procrastibated
Post tense: procrastibate
Jake: Hey, english app is due on monday, have you finished?
Gus: Nah, I think i'll probably just procrastibate all weekend and do it during mondays lesson.
by catface101 September 27, 2010
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Also short for penis hands.. she just always has a penis in her hand!

Boys fall at her feet for all of her handy work and she has a super great body. She had green/hazel eyes which lure in all of the men. She has a friend called Amy and another one called Jordan. They like hanging out and finding boys for Jess to molester.
Look, Its a Jess Hancock
by Catface101 May 26, 2013
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