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Born Farookh Bulsara, Freddie Mercury was of Persian- Indian descent. He is best known for his amazing singing skills and as the front man of the English rock band Queen.
Freddie Mercury was unlike other frontmen; he could put on a show!
He played the piano, sang, and ocassionally played the guitar.
Unfortunately, Freddie Mercury got ill with AIDS. Freddie Mercury denied he had AIDS until it was too hard to deny it, as he looked terrible, so bad infact that he didnt look like himself at all.
A day before his death he released a statement to the public admitting he had AIDS. The next day Freddie Mercury died at the age of 45.
Freddie Mercury is one of my favorite singers. His band Queen had many songs, some being We Are the Champions, You're My Best Friend, The Show Must Go On, Killer Queen, Somebody to Love, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Break Free, Radio Ga Ga, Another One Bites the Dust, Dont Stop Me Now, etc.
by cates September 24, 2006

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One of the funniest man alive. A gennous in comedy.
He had a show called "Chappelle's Show" in which he made 2 seasons. He had a third seasosn of previously cancelled episodes called the "Lost Episodes". All three seasons are on DVD. But it, its a must.
Billy: Dave, I dont feel so good, could you call the nurse?
Dave CHappelle: Sure Billy, whats wrong? are you alright?
Dave Chappelle calling the nurse: Nurse could you come in here quickly please? Billy is getting his ass whipped in street ball and I need a witness.
by cates September 24, 2006

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vulgar name for vagina (Royal Naval expression)
She had a glut box like a bill poster's bucket
by Cates November 26, 2013

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A female who sleeps with absolutely everyone she knows.
They often carry every possibly STD possible.
Dont mistake a slut with a hooker, though.
SLuts are often recognized by the whole school.
Sluts are not bad people, though. They just like fucking, thats all.
Slut: He Charlie, you are looking kinda cute tonight
Charlie: Thanks slut. You look good yourself.
Slut: Why dont we go back to my place and fuck? What do you say?
Charlie: Sure, I would love to catch all your STD's
Slut: :)
by cates September 24, 2006

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