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When you rip up paper like crazy and people around yell paper boy. Most commonly the paper boy will join in the chant, but not always. Examples of paper for use are tax returns, right wing newspapers, or anything that needs to be shredded and recycled.
(Boy or Girl stands among others ripping up paper like crazy and yelling paper boy)

Everyone Else: Paper Boy!
by Catdragon2000 December 26, 2011
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The act of kneeling down with one leg out and planted in the ground (in proposal like stance) and pissing discreetly. Appearing as if you are posing for a picture with your soccer buddies, yet pissing.
Girlfriend: My boyfriend is a thinker, see him posing over there just like the sculpture.

Guy buddy: He's actually taking a soccer piss. Look it up.
by Catdragon2000 December 29, 2011
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