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um she's not really even worthy enough to GET a definition. haha. jk. but really, when i heard her 'beat of my heart' song in the beginning, i wanted to tackle down the TV cuz of her stupid high-pitched voice. seriously, how the heck did she get a record deal with that kind of voice? its sooo annoying that i literally went 'uggghhh!!' and clenched my fists. im not psycho, by the way. i felt like strangling someone!! see what influence hilary's voice has on people?
*two friends are flipping through the channels*
Friend #1: (stops at disney channel. a 'verb' commercial is on) i'm gonna make some popcorn, be right back.
Friend #2: okay. (hilary duff's 'beat of my heart' clip comes on. eyes bulge and starts choking silently)
Friend #1: okay we're just gonna wait till the--(sees her friend on the floor unconscious. shrieks)

^i was bored =)
by Carolina_Babe November 15, 2005
Bob: I was such a loser in high school. When I got invited to parties and games, I never went.

Lucy: Well, when EYE was in high school, I might not have been the most known girl in school but whenever I got a chance to do something fun, I jumped at it!

Bob: Oh. Okay.
by Carolina_Babe April 7, 2006
the coolest state in the country. may not be california, but it is definitely my home sweet home. got the mountains on the west, got the beach on the east, and everything in between. what could be better?

home to awesome basketball teams. dont hate on the south and east coast, cuz you know we rock. we may be part of the south, but we have diversity everywhere. can't forget the first flight. sure, we have a countryside, but then we have the urban city side! see? north carolina is all-around AWESOME.

if u dont like north carolina and think we're just some rednecks and hicks, get on a plane and fly over to nc and watch me kick your a$$ :-)
by Carolina_Babe May 30, 2005